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We know finding a trustworthy automotive repair shop can be hard to come by

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Core Values:

Ownership Mentality
We approach everyday with an ownership mentality. We are a do-whatever-it-takes company. “That’s not my job” is never spoken between these walls. We take initiative to make our company better – speaking up when warranted and acting as problem solvers. From start to finish, all of our names are on the customer experience.


We play fair. As an organization, fairness is the cornerstone of our values. Integrity creates trust and from trust comes loyalty. We don’t always get it right, but we ALWAYS make it right. We are the shop you’d send grandma to.


We win and lose together as a team. We rely on and challenge each other. We collaborate, support each others’ growth, and have fun along the way. We believe great ideas and solutions can come from anyone. The best answer wins, everytime, no matter who it’s coming from. We’re more than a company, we’re a community.

Continuous Improvement

Western Auto Service is a place for the best and brightest. We work tirelessly to attract and retain high-performing and aligned colleagues, build a world class culture, and create a place to grow and thrive. Continuous improvement is in our DNA

Melanie and Alex Dunn



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Auto Technician


Auto Technician

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